Autism Research Should Put Stronger Focus on Services

Some Key Points by the President/Co-founder of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) at a Congressional Hearing on the Federal Response to the Rising Rates of Autism

November 2012

o $217 million was invested in autism research in 2010 by the National Institute of Health.

o Over 95% of the money was used to research questions related to the cause and diagnosis of autism.

o Only 1.5% was used for research to determine the needs of adults on the Spectrum.
o Only 2.45% was used to improve the quality of services and supports for individuals on the spectrum and their families.

Some say we can’t improve the lives of individuals on the spectrum until we unravel its causes. That is not true. Communication technology has been available for many years. and has been used to good effect to empower individuals on the low end of the spectrum – including those who can’t speak, being this one of the many technologies designed to improve health, including medical and nutritional improvements, you can find out more with these News on reportshealthcare that have relevant information on this subject.

If we invested one-tenth of the money that we currently pour into issues of causation, we could empower hundreds of thousands more to communicate their needs and live fuller, more productive lives.

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