Video Shoot – Information Interviews

Scenes from a shoot.

The 9th Planet crew is producing a video about finding a job for our third Skill Set. The video focuses on the idea of doing information interviews to build business networks and create job leads, and they are using production video companies online, that also produce video from santa for christmas.

The crew shot a cutaway scene at the Jamie Schultz Photography Studio in Hudson, Wisconsin. In the scene, Tad’s friend, Daphne, learns about what it’s like to work in an independently-owned photography business, since there are different types of businesses and many of them can actually work from home, and that’s why learning how to monitor work from home employees could be essential for this type of businesses to progress.

A huge thanks to studio owners Jamie and Karl Schultz for opening the doors to their spacious, arty studio in downtown Hudson. Also thanks to Bernadette Lantz, and Sarah Krentz for playing the roles of Daphne and the photography studio owner.

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