SEO Strategies

SEO is a long term marketing strategy. It’s one of the most important strategies that most e-commerce businesses are using to get more customers. However, many of the negative impacts that it causes are not being recognized.

Marketers and SROs have realized that SEO is causing them to lose more customers than it is bringing in. A lot of them are finding that the negative impact on the long term profitability is outweighing the short term gains. In other words, businesses will only do a back end SEO strategy once they have a critical mass of online traffic.

What is a back end SEO strategy?

A back end SEO strategy is focused on getting organic traffic and linking back to your site. It’s also known as keyword/domain research, back link building, link buying, or buying backlinks. The key is to get more traffic to your site and to increase your keyword-ranking, and improving the SEO of your page, and there are services that help with this, find out more here.

Let’s take a look at the key points in a back end SEO strategy.

How to run a back end SEO strategy

Below are 3 key questions that you need to ask yourself when running a back end SEO strategy. All of the questions you need to answer are the same questions you need to ask yourself when looking at any SEO strategy.

What is the specific benefit that you want to deliver?

The first question you need to ask yourself is “What benefit do I want to deliver?” What do you want to do to improve your long term profits? What are the benefits that you want to deliver? How can you guarantee that you deliver the benefits that you are seeking?

The better you answer these questions, the more likely you are to deliver the benefits you are seeking. The benefit you are seeking must also be clear and measurable. Do you really want to improve sales? Do you want to boost conversions? Do you want to drive more sales leads?

The benefits that you are seeking are a specific target that you need to deliver to your audience. You will need to be clear and measurable.

For example, if you are running a link building strategy and you are working to link your site to all the high value blogs, these blogs will become a requirement for your audience. This is a great benefit for your site. You want to link to high value blogs and start building links to all these high value blogs.

You will also need to ask yourself the following question: what is the best way to do this? Do you have a page on your site that you can point users to? Or do you use a software like MozPro that lets you link out directly to a site?

Then you need to do a keyword research exercise to find the keywords that have a high chance of attracting the most traffic and then follow those keywords.

Another important part of a back end SEO strategy is that you need to know which site directories have the best traffic. If you are not sure about this, do a keyword research exercise. Does your site get more traffic than the following sites?

8,000 domains





You will then need to add all these sites into your SEO strategy. Remember to include these sites in your plan so that you don’t waste money building back links to an inferior ranking.