Conversation I Social Skill Set - 6 two-to-three minute videos plus Users Guide: $35
Saying Hello
Tad is buying peanut butter at the grocery store when a person - someone he knows? - says “Hello.” Tad isn’t sure what to do and nearly forgets the peanut butter.
Eye Contact
Tad's boss asks him to write a report, but she gets annoyed over his lack of eye contact and incessant pencil flipping.
Personal Space
Tad gets a little too close for comfort with a library patron and can’t figure out why the man gets mad and walks away.
Voice Volume
Tad has trouble hitting the right volume in his voice when a classmate asks him about an assignment.
Asking a Question
Tad has been hired to mow a lawn. But the lawn mower is not like his spaceship's turboencabulator and he doesn’t know how to start it. The only solution is to ask a question – of someone who happens to be involved in a conversation.
Joining a Conversation
Tad takes a flyer at joining a conversation. Bob jumps in with some sage advice to get things on track.

Users Guide includes shooting scripts and suggested discussions and activities

Companion Video Behavior Modeling Course for Conversation I: $15

Complete lesson plans for a social skills course based on the videos in Conversation I. Includes shooting scripts. The course culminates in a Capstone Project with students writing and producing their own social skills lesson video.

I just ordered your first video series, and not only is it brilliant, funny and attention keeping to watch, but I am now a "Tad Shy" fan for life. You've really hit the ball out of the park with these movies and downloads.

Behavior Specialist, Pennsylvania