Conversation II Social Skill Set - 6 two-to-three minute videos plus Users Guide: $35
Daily Hygiene
Tad draws a chart on the bathroom mirror as a way to keep track of his daily grooming tasks. Bob thinks the chart is a mighty handy tool.
Taking a Message
An important phone call comes for Bob, but Tad is too absorbed in a movie to take a message. Bob makes sure that when the call comes again, Tad knows what to do.
Making a Call
Tad doesn’t like making phone calls, but he needs to call a mechanic about getting a part for the spaceship. Bob coaches Tad through the call and it looks like Tad may be getting lots more practice. No one’s heard of a turboencabulator.
Recognizing Sarcasm
Tad doesn’t get why his project partner wants him to talk more loudly in the library. Bob explains a confusing habit of neurotypicals. They sometimes say the opposite of what they mean. And these “opposite statements” aren’t lies.
Complimenting Others
Tad learns that a well-placed compliment could lead to more cake.
Empathetic Listening
A friend is upset about being in a fender bender. Tad muses that it would have been “awesome” if she’d been in a movie-style crash. That’s not exactly what she wanted or expected to hear and Bob jumps in to help Tad get his listening skills on track.

Users Guide includes shooting scripts and suggested discussions and activities

Companion Video Behavior Modeling Course for Conversation II: $15

Complete lesson plans for a social skills course based on the videos in Conversation II. Includes shooting scripts. The course culminates in a Capstone Project with students writing and producing their own social skills lesson video.

The animation seemed to really hold [my son’s] interest and was presented in a way that held his attention. I believe you are on to something really good here!