Individual videos with eBook lesson plans. $8.99 each

Lesson plans are available in two eBook formats.

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When You Don't Know What to Do

Everyone else at work received an important email, but Tad doesn't remember seeing it. NOW what?

Recognizing False Friends

ASD students are vulnerable to people who act like friends but are really exploiting their social naivety. Tad becomes friends with a “sponge” who always gets Tad to pay the tab for their social outings.  When the friend asks Tad to pay a speeding ticket for him, Tad is faced with a choice of whether to pay the fine or risk losing the friendship.

Courtesy and Respect

Tad thinks he’s doing fine in his job, but doesn’t know his co-workers think his behavior is rude. When Bob stages some role reversals and Tad is the one being rudely treated, he begins to understand that courtesy and respect are an important part of working as a team.

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Complete lesson plan for a social skills course based on the video. Includes shooting script

Very well done, and great use of humor – Tristan has perfect delivery. Tad and Bob have a good back and forth dialogue – you can tell Tad is thinking aloud, but it’s conversational enough where Bob doesn’t sound too didactic. The instructions were very useful as well, particularly the suggestions of activities involving role playing and video modeling.

Marc Lazar, Autism Specialist, Aspiritech